Divertissement Espagnol

At its premiere in Boston’s Copley Hall on January 29, 1901, Charles Loeffler’s Divertissement Espagnol was met with so much enthusiasm that the orchestra played the piece twice and the Orchestral Club of Boston reprised it just one year later. Part of a collection of works commissioned by saxophonist Elise Hall in the early 20th century, Divertissement Espagnol has unfortunately not enjoyed the same longevity as other works from the collection by composers such as Debussy, Schmitt, and D’Indy.


As part of my DMA thesis project, I had the opportunity to work from the original manuscript to create a new, chamber setting of the work for saxophone and piano. Through this arrangement, more saxophonists will have the chance to perform this colorful, expressive piece. The arrangement can be purchased through Murphy Music Press.